Wyman Meinzer, 13 Creatives & A Ranch

Welcome to Cibolo Creek Ranch, one of the oldest ranches in Texas. The ranch boasts 30,000 acres of great outdoors and three historic forts built in the mid-nineteenth century by the ranch’s founder, Milton Faver. Cibolo Creek Ranch is located halfway between Marfa and Presidio, Texas. For many years the ranch played host to the likes of government dignitaries, actors, and high-profile musicians. The need to increase booking lead us to develop marketing that promoted retention amongst specific clientele. With the ever-growing popularity of Marfa, Texas we realized that it’s about the destination. Building on this insight we promoted the ranch focusing on people and reliving that secluded luxury experience. Knowing that the photography would be a key component of the brand Red Chair commissioned and directed our friend and Texas’ Official Photographer Wyman Meinzer to bring the ranch to life with his stills.